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Massive thanks to these amazing companies please click on their logo's to visit their sites.

Not much to say here at all! If you play guitar and you don't use Celestions you must be from another planet.  My Vintage 30's give me the perfect sound and unless the bods at Celestion can beat the sound of them I'll NEVER change simple as! Hot news for Kemper users such as myself is that Celestion have released a FR speaker the F12-X200 which unlike those on the market has a "musical" feel and responds much more like a guitar speaker. Luckily I'm getting one to try very soon and knowing Celestions expertise in guitar speakers it will be a beast. Also I'm now using the Celestion speaker IR's on my Kemper in my home studio and they really are amazing so please check them out.

Many thanks to John Paice for being a total star as well as a font of knowledge.

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You could be forgiven for thinking I'm singing the praises of Damian Probett because I get free guitars and set ups. NOT A CHANCE. I have taken good guitars to him for setups and they come back to me a billion times better. We had an upcoming festival in Austria and I took in my beloved Charvel for a pickup swap to a Fishman Fluence and a set up. I could not believe how much better the guitar plays and now I can't put it down.

In 40 years of playing I've been to so many luthiers, many of them very respected, but Damian's expertise and attention to the most minute details are totally beyond compare. Add to that he's a bloody nice bloke and you have a winner 100% One day I'm going to splash out on one of his custom builds which really are one of the UK's hidden gems.

Many thanks to Damian Probett, without doubt a guitar master and the Luthiers luthier.

I hardly need to sing the praises of Boss pedals, the mainstay in just about EVERY guitar players pedal arsenal.

I have the TU-2 tuner/power supply which is essential. The PS-6 Harmonist which is also amazing and the DD-20 dual delay which is programable and awesome. I've also just added the incredible VE-20 for my vocals. I always do very thorough reserch before I decide on my pedals, BOSS take the hard work out of that as everything they do is the mutt's. They 'aint called BOSS for nothing.

Many thanks to Dan Burton at BOSS.

Anyone who's in the music biz can tell you how great Roland gear is so I won't drone on. I use the GR-55 guitar synth and it's incredible. Always innovative and always ultra reliable I can say no more!

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