R e c o r d i n g s

Here are some of my recordings for you to listen to, including some covers I do in my solo performances and with my old covers band "Chicago Fund" I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Track 334 features the Spoken Prayer intro by My  Dear Brother Joseph Braveheart of the Lakota nation

Keyboards and Native American flute Andy Boulton

Vocals Nicolaj Ruhnow

Guitars Andy Boulton, John Wiggins

Bass Andy Wrighton

Drums Steve Pierce

Music and Lyrics Andy Boulton

Melody Nicolaj Ruhnow

Lead Vocals Chrissie Sherbourne and Andy Boulton

Lead Guitar Andy Boulton

Rhythm guitar Andy Boulton and Pete Sherburne

Backing vocals Chrissie Sherbourne, Lynda Miller, Pete Sherburne and Andy Boulton

Written by Toto


Lead vocal Andy Boulton

All guitars Andy Boulton

Written by Mark Knopfler

© 2013 by Andy Boulton. All rights reserved.