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I can honestly say that without the help, inspiration and support from the following folks, My journey in this life would have been a thousand times harder. So many thanks to all of you for everything you've done for me and for having the patience that you undoubtedly posses to cope with me and thereby deserve without any hesitation such a special place in my heart. 

Godbless you all xx


My Dearest late Mother Rita and Father Walter James McColm, always in my heart xx

my Son Jamie and Grandsons Jake and Zakk lots of love xx


All my Dearest Friends and their families; Mark Holstead, Barney and Sam Lawrence, Richard Hare and Jill, Dan Worthington, Pete and Chrissie Sherbourne,  Joe Braveheart, Ken Dibben, Jeniffer DeBrys, Chris Gillen and Amy,  Andy Batchelor, Chris Tate, Metal Mike, Graham Harrison, La Rous Gourd, BJ, Patti and Brodie Goclowski, Bruce Low and his late wife Wynne, Den and Di Shearer, John Paice & Celestion speakers, the late Et Centinas & Mad Turk guitars (miss you Brother), Oliver Snowden, All the good folks at Roland and Boss, 

Jacek Loroch & Taurus Amplification, Olly Barnes (OB1) Gwyn Mathias, Malcolm Scott, & all at 3MS music, Damian Probett (master Luthier) cheers mate

Metal Mike, Daiv Carpenter & Pete Walker (Tokyo Blade Facebook), Dave Ling, The late Chris Tsangarides RIP Brother, Nick Stone (AKA O'teen) Aio and his family,

Ludy Wetzl, Frank Trenning, sara tibbers @ church of cat promotions, My fellow band mates of course and the memory of the Late Pat Lawrence RIP my dear x

Many of the photo's here taken by the very talented Maily Fernandez, Alain Boucly, Cindy Stegeman Thank you BIG time!



Oh and as they say . . . . Anyone I missed. 

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