F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“A truly gifted player. . . . every note filled with passion and emotion”

Burrn Magazine-Japan

“The ace in this bands pack surely must be the guitar playing of Andy Boulton . . . . . a guitar hero is born.”



So Dear friends, as usual much time has elapsed since I've done any updates news wise, and yet there's so much going on. So the album I did with ex-Blade vocalist Chris Gillen is out for those who wanna check it out it's called "Legend has it . . ." by Gillen and the Villains and is available in the usual places. I've also completed the new Blade Album and I'll try to remember to post all the details as soon as I have the release info and the all clear from our record company. Also my friend "AIO" and I have been doing on an album to be released later this year titled "Valley of the Kings" by The Last Renegades"

So lots of new music coming out this year.


So Dear friends and fans, it's here and as usual I'm behind with updating the site! "Unbroken" is the 1st Tokyo Blade album with the totally original MKII line-up since the 1984 release "Night of the Blade" Recording was done at The Coachouse studio in France and my own studio "MFR studio" Salisbury England and the record has had some fantastic reviews so we're very happy about that.

As hardened fans will know "NOTB" was largely written by Boulton/Marsh and originally recorded with Alan Marsh on lead vocals, substituted later with Vic Wrights vocal. 

Being one of the few (if not only) bands from the NWOBHM era with an original line-up is somewhat ironic given TB's many changes of personnel through the years, but they are most definitely back with a vengeance with "Unbroken" and 34 years later the band sounds stronger than ever. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy the Blade sound on this album as much if not more than previous records and be able to hear the lads knocking some of the new tunes out Live in the near future. 

We are awaiting the date of the Vinyl release which should be available shortly and I'll keep y'all posted on tokyoblade.com.

Watch this site's "live dates" page for show dates and the lads will see you somewhere on the road.

Gillen & the Villains

Just got home having had my beloved Charvel set up and Fishman Fluence pickup fitted by the incredibly talented Damian Probett https://www.probettguitars.com/

Incredible attention to detail and now plays like a total dream. I didn't think it could ever play any better but Damian totally sorted it! Any guitarist looking at this "you need to go visit him and get your trusty axes.

Top man Damian, a massive thank you mate!

Well it's been a while in getting here but Andy and Chris Gillen's collaboration titled "Legend has it . . . ." is now available on iTunes and from CD baby, check the album out at WWW.gillenandthevillains.com 

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