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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“A truly gifted player. . . . every note filled with passion and emotion”

Burrn Magazine-Japan

“The ace in this bands pack surely must be the guitar playing of Andy Boulton . . . . . a guitar hero is born.”



So Dear friends, as we all find ourselves confined to home in the midst of the Covid - 19 Pandemic, my first message is the most important . . . stay safe and blessings to you all in these weird times.

The second message is that the new Blade album "FURY" is now available for pre-sale (details at

Hot on the heels of the well received "Unbroken" and "Dark Revolution"

Our 10th Studio album recorded and mixed by myself at my home studio and mastered by the mastering supremo Gwyn Mathias who also did "Unbroken and Dark Revolution" and as previously mentioned, also mastered the album I wrote and recorded with my friend "AIO"  now released on the Dissonace label "Valley of the Kings" by The Last Renegades.


There's so much going on right now and Tokyo Blade is of course the band that I have devoted over 40 years of my life to and therefore is my priority. I am very pleased with the Last Renegades album and the album I did with ex-Blade vocalist Chris Gillen  for those who wanna check it out it's called "Legend has it . . ." by Gillen and the Villains and is available in the usual places and the re-mixed and re-mastered version will be available for download on the Gillen and the Villains website this summer.

So lots of new music from  Blade and Myself and friends coming out this year and having this unexpected extra time on my hands means I can actually get this website up to date. Anyway folks please take care of one another and stay safe. 

Blessings.   Andy

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Here are the order links for the ‘Dark Revolution’ CD and LP:





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Hot on the heels of Dark Revolution, is  "The Last Renegades-Valley of The Kings" To be released this August, pre-order here


 The album is a collaboration between Andy and vocalist "Aio"

Way back in time, Andy and Aio found each other through the internet and wrote a couple of songs together. One of which is the song "when will I see you again" featured on this, their first album together.

Owing to Aio's commitments and Andy's work with Tokyo Blade it didn't come to anything.

Fast forward to 2019 and Aio wrote to Andy following the release of the Tokyo Blade album "Unbroken" just to say "Hi" and touch base. A conversation between them followed and they decided it would be fun to write together just for fun and to satisfy their creative leanings. One thing leads to another and in no time they had enough for an album, as they both have their own home studios recording was quick and simple. The two of them have never even met and yet they've produced an album which is quite different from anything they have done previously, yet maintains the hard rock edge they are well known for. As stated, the release will be August this year previews are available at and the guys sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as they enjoyed making it.

Blessings  A&A


Gillen & the Villains

Well it's been a while in getting here but Andy and Chris Gillen's collaboration titled "Legend has it . . . ." is now available on iTunes and from CD baby, check the album out at 

full downloads of the recently re-mixed and re-mastered album will be available this summer in .mp3 format AT ON THE RECORDINGS PAGE




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